Our Mission

Our Mission

Welcome to our store

Welcome to our store

"If you hold a candle close to you, its flame rises. And if you hold it away from you, its flame shrinks. The same way you hold a candle close to you, keep all your plans, aspirations, projects, and dreams close to you too"

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple. You DESERVE it! We want all of our hand-poured artisan organic soy candles to be a symbol of expression and power. We want to remind you that you hold the power to your happiness and you ARE worth it.

Welcome to Energie Candle Co, where luxury meets sustainability Nestled in the heart of Madison, AL our eco-friendly haven invites you to indulge in a guilt-free sensory experience. Why do people flock to our doors? It's not just about candles; it's a journey into a world where conscientious choices and true luxury seamlessly intertwine.

At Energie Candles our commitment to sustainability is as potent as the scents that fill the air. Our candles are crafted with the highest quality proprietary coconut/beeswax blend, a harmonious blend that not only ensures a clean burn but also reflects our dedication to the planet.

The oils we use are not mere fragrances; they are a global odyssey. Sourced from the farthest corners of the world, these meticulously chosen essences infuse our candles with an unparalleled richness, elevating your sensory experience to new heights.

We are not just a candle company, we are a movement. A movement towards individuality and self-expression through our beautifully crafted candles.

"Every little candle is a great knight fighting against the darkness! Every time you feel yourself tiny, remember these brave candles!"

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