Intention Candle Ritual


The Ritual:

The #1 Most Important Rule before doing any ritual is to BELIEVE in yourself and your thoughts. 

  • Remove crystals before the first burn. Apply slight pressure to remove the large crystals.  NEVER remove crystals while candle is lit. 

  • Crystals are meant to hold in your hands as you do your intention. 

  • Light your candle and holding your cooled crystals in your hands. Take several deep breaths in for 3, hold, out for 3. While breathing draw your attention to your third eye, the space between your eyebrows. 

  • Continue breathing to clear your mind until you fall into a comfortable and relaxing zen moment. 

  • Once relaxed, think about your intention for your practice today. After a few moments, stop and write it down. 

  • Place this somewhere safe away from your candle. Preferably somewhere you will not have to move it for several days. 

  • Hold your crystals or place them on your body. Close your eyes and relax. State your intention out loud or to yourself several times. 

  • Sit with your eyes closed and visualize the end result of your intention or desire. Try and visualize with as many senses as possible. The more realistic the better. Think about your intention being fulfilled.

  • The goal is to get your mind into the state of the wish fulfilled. You want your energy in this moment to match the energy of your future self who has already received this blessing. Continue this for as long as it takes to physically feel what is in your mind. 

  • Once you are finished. Take several breaths to unwind and get back your energy.  Slowly open your eyes. Place your crystals on top of your paper and say whatever you would like.  I personally say “Namaste” which is an expression of appreciation and respect towards another person, entity or deity.   Others say Amen.